The Advice [to Indian Salafis]: Reviewed by Shaykh Wasiyyullaah ‘Abbaas

The three fundamental principle
The Advice



This advice is aimed mainly at two or three categories of people.


Firstly, this is an advice to those who are already affected by this fitnah, so that it may serve as a mirror to see their own faults, and they may then seek to rectify them by Allaah’s permission. We believe that there could be amongst them those who are sincere, but have fallen prey to this fitnah out of ignorance, so we hope for them that they are guided.


And as for those who choose to be stubborn and reject sincere advice, we warn them to fear Allaah and His punishment, as they are playing with the deen of Allaah.



Finally, this is also an advice to Ahlus Sunnah in general so that they can be aware of this danger that lurks within them; so that they can know the signs by which the people of this deviation can be recognized, and save themselves and others from falling into this fitnah, by Allaah’s aid an permission.
Important: The intent of this advice is to identify a problem/disease and to treat it in the best manner, and this is from having concern and mercy for one another. So let us look into our own selves and correct ourselves if required. And let us refrain from saying “so and so was intended by this advice”, as this kind of speech does not bring about benefit and promotes chaotic behavior.


Reviewed by:

Shaykh Wasiyyullaah ‘Abbaas

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