[E-book] Bilal the Abyssinian – One Light, Many Colors by Dr. Abdurrahman al-Sheha

Hypocrisy is living well in the West. How else does one explain the demonization of Islam, a culture of peace, piety and enlightenment by cynics in the Occident? While many western societies found an ape from tyranny through pitched warfare and violent revolution, they have been quick to decry the use of even vaguely similar remedies to liberate oppressed peoples throughout the world and have, in fact, supported the politics, policies, and methods of criminally repressive regimes to their own selfish ends. The tragic irony is that Muslims have suffered exponentially at the hands of westerners, whose marauding 12th-century ancestors found an ape from the Dark Ages only through gifts bestowed upon them by Muslim scholars, scientists, artisans, and theologians. The genius of Muslim Haythem, ibn Rushd to al-Ghazzali are precious drops of water in an ocean of Islamic scientists and philosophers whose ideas quite literally swept a stagnant, reactionary Europe into its much cherished Renaissance.



By: Dr. Abdurrahman al-Sheha

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